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The origin of Mafleur, there is the meeting in 2003 between a florist (experience in Spain, Italy and Morocco) and an expert in e-procurement (Experience in France, USA).

After several florist shops created, expanded and then resold, MAFLEUR company (VIVAVERDE SARL) was founded in 2008 with main objective to offer floral transmission services.

The concept, quite unique in Morocco due to complementarity artisan-florist / e-commerce specialist, is based on a product catalogue made by our florists and a very efficient order transmission system.

Mafleur arouses a particular interest in the Moroccan local community and also morrocan in several countries (France, USA, Belgium, water,...).

Our florist network grew quickly and we deliver today in several Moroccan cities, including Oujda, Agadir, Fez, Meknes and many others.

The concept is growing with success so, Ihsane T. founder of MAFLEUR, decides to expand its international business passing trade agreements with foreign stations.

Today, more than 5,000 florists we trust and we can ensure our bouquets are delivered in more than 150 countries across all continents.


Our customers grant us their confidence to deliver their message of love and friendship.. That's why we must do our best, sometimes even impossible, to send these messages with great care and great quality, always on time!

Reactivity, Mafleur teams provide delivery every day of the week including feast days.

Accessibility, our service is available through several communication channels :

  • Our 212 (0) 5 22 26 44 88 phone number, operational for several years
  • www.mafleur.ma website with more than 100 products

Efficiency, all websitepages have been checked and relooked to simplify your orders and offer you a good experience (product range for all events, flowers + chocolates, custom messages, order history,...)

Full, we also respond to increasing request for business floral subscription, special accounts and events services.


Development of several partnerships in the supply of fresh flowers (export roses, anthurium, lilies,...) to offer a unique and 'fresh ' range.

Delivery in more than 145 countries from www.mafleur.ma website

A listing on the major search engines further to many years of experience.


Mafleur, through his long term strategy, is on 3 major working areas:

  • Promote, develop florist job by providing support, training and the opening to a job domain that lacks structure.
  • Organize supply flow by offering alternative solutions to various roses, anthurium and lilies producers ... through partnerships (sales flow multi sites, business subscription,...)
  • Position Mafleur in worldwide market: make mafleur an exportable product entering the european market. Our know-how, our achievements and targeted web strategy make us very optimistic on this major axis of development.

So feel free to participate in our adventure whether you are a customer, partner or institutional.

Mafleur, Where emotion starts!

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