1+1=3 !

It is good the effect which would make a gift of flowers and chocolates. We are unanimous to say that an attractive bouquet always pleases and cheers one’s up

We also know that some delicious chocolate is a very appreciated present by our taste bud. Then to offer of graceful well made up (composed) flowers and some chocolate triples the sensations and gives to this gesture of attention a special and unique dimension.

We tested, re tested several kinds and brands of chocolate and we are very satisfied with the quality of the chocolate Pralinor, our customers appreciate it and they tell it to us. That's why we limited the chocolate offer on our site to master the quality of the marketed products and make the MAFLEUR service an excellent experience.

The chocolate Pralinor are very tasty, carefully packed at a very reasonable price. We do not want to venture with other artisans chocolatiers to the risk of having excessive prices or quality with variable geometry. We work with our partner to ensure a quality product, a highly responsive service and controlled prices.

We propose at present boxes of chocolate of 250g or 500g; it is a choice dictated by the desire of the majority of our customers who make their ideal complement with the bouquets of flowers which they offer to their close ones.

To highlight a special moment with your close ones, spouses, friends, trust the quality of our service.

If you are a new customer and you ask yourself the question to how to go about, read the following :

  • Take time to choose an attractive bouquet among a large range at your disposal
  • Inform the desired delivery date and click on "order"
  • Choose your box of chocolate Pralinor et/ou un nounours doux et câlin dans la page Rendez votre cadeau encore plus spécial
  • Personalize your present by writing a personalized message which will elegantly be taken back
  • Inform your personal information and those of the desired delivery
  • Make the payment on our platform 100 % secured
  • You will receive an automatic email as soon as that the addressee receives your lovely present.

MAFLEUR is a floral company the strategy of which is directed 100 % to the satisfaction of our customers. We hope that using our services will be a successful experience.

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