Oh yes! It is indeed a Moroccan characteristic: leave everything to the last minute! Very fortunately it is not everybody …

Having said that, we are often forced to get into this situation because of factors that do not directly depend upon us, so the chain of actions is completely disturbed (whether it is at work or at the house).

MAFLEUR is in the same boat as our customers who ask us for last-minute deliveries and this situation is rather recurring. Then to deliver the same day has become a full service (deliver a bouquet to a private hospital for a birth, a birthday « at the last minute »,…). We deal with alot of situations everyday for the satisfaction of our customers.
To meet the expectations, we have set up the plan according to each city because the constraints of delivery are not the same (to deliver a bouquet in the center of Casablanca is not of the same nature as a bouquet to deliver « Road from Fes to Marrakesh » considering the distances and thus considering the associated responsiveness):

  • Express delivery the same day in Casablanca
    Schedule command: maximum before 16:30
    Delivery on the same day from 11:00 to 19:00
  • Express delivery in Rabat
    Schedule command: maximum before 12:00 a.m
    Delivery on the same day from 11:00 to 19:00
  • Express delivery all the other cities
    Schedule command: maximum 10:00 a.m
    Delivery: on the same day between 12:00 and 19:00

Besides these time windows we guarantee the service of delivery according to the aforesaid timings, you can contact us for your special requests, we shall study together the possibilities according to the logistic streams of that very moment. Nevertheless, we recommend to our customers not to wait until the last minute to place the order and try to place it as soon as possible to guarantee a quality service.

The service of express delivery is at the normal price of delivery of 50 Dhs. We have revised the declining price by trying to optimize the logistic costs and so our customers benefit from an excellent value for money. ((PS: it would cost almost the same price to move personally when it is possible, without taking into account the wasted time in traffic).

It’s good to know :

The more you will be specific on the address of the addressee, the more the delivery will be effective and a total surprise.

If you do not know if the recipient will be there , make sure to mention it in the remarks field so that we can get in touch with the addressee (by keeping the secret as much as possible) before delivering.

If it is about a delivery to the office, point out the schedules of opening / closure if you know them.

We do not guarantee a precise delivery time considering the constraints of traffic and the delivery schedule Nevertheless if these conditions are in our favour, we take into account your hourly precisions.

If you are impatient, do not forget that as soon as the delivery is made, an automatic email informs you that the order is delivered.

If the addressee is absent, we plan as possible a second delivery after making a telephone appointment with the recipient. And we wil not charge you any costs.

At the request of the recipient, the order will be left to the security guard or the concierge. We call the addressee back systematically to make sure of the actual reception of the order.

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