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Fleuriste maroc

We like to showcase talent of our florists.

We believe that our florists bouquets are always prepared with the greatest care, fresh and well trimmed.

Good florist is one who puts his creativity, his experience and his ability in the service of his client, understands the importance of the message.

That's why, in addition to present florists in our workshops, we make sure to work with florists partners who share the same vision : satisfying our customers, providing them with the freshness and creativity.

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We develop our florists network

Mafleur also works with regional florists, helps them improve their skills, and encourages them to renew their confidence in Mafleur label.

You are florist in Marrakesh, Tangier, Fez, Oujda,... Take an opportunity of developing your business by becoming MAFLEUR partner!

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Fleuriste maroc
Fleuriste maroc

Access to your space "Mafleur Florist partner"

Becoming a MAFLEUR florist partner, you will have access to a personal area and you will directly receive all orders in the region for which you are partner of Mafleur.

As a partner, you agree to prepare bouquets with the best care and according to Mafleur catalog. We are not a delivery company, we attach the highest importance to service quality and floristry business that we aim to develop in Morocco.

Your income will be paid to you on a monthly basis following the release price book. Our payment system is easy and simple.

Contact us for a first making contact to assess your needs, scope of delivery and define together partnership opportunities.

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Our floral transmissions

You will receive your orders by mail, tel or fax, just confirm by return depending on the flowers available and delivery date.

You can also place customer orders on Mafleur website and give opportunity to your customer by opening your service to the world.

We offer a great value for a mastered service.

Florists, contact us today!

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Fleuriste maroc
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