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We are very careful in Morocco; the customs and traditions evolve. Between the cash payment, the payment by check, the GAB, the Wafacash services, Western Union and finally the on-line payments; the habits evolve very well and indicators flashing green.

MAFLEUR, by offering the on-line payment for its service of flower deliveries in Morocco, is one of the outriders of the deals by Internet and has seen, followed, adapted all this evolution by trying at best to satisfy the customers.

We have gone through so many phases, each one more scheming than the other. at first, we noticed that most of our orders came from moroccans residents abroad (even if the system of payment maroc telecommerce is in morocco). then, by providing our customer support by telephone, we realized the real situation in morocco the customers asked to pay cash and they flatly refused the on-line payment (very fortunately this has changed).

The following episode saw moroccan gradually building up a confidence toward the payment services, especially further to the proliferation of the on-line services such as deals, flight tickets, and especially the payment of telephone and electricity bills which is made on the same system.

Before continuing, it is very important to remind our statistics: from 2008 until the end of 2013, more than 6000 orders were registered in our back office with no complaint about the banking transaction or a fraud. the problems encountered several years ago (and that were settled quite a long time ago) were the approval or not of specific bank cards by our system.

Thus it is certain that the incurred risk remains more in the "heads" than in the made transaction. our banking information is safer in a system of which contracting parties are a group of well known banks that are in our portfolio.

Having said that, we present you below the diverse possibilities of payment offered to our customers:

Maroc Télécommerce

The on-line payment by credit card is completely secure:

All the sites that offer the on-line sale in morocco are controlled and followed trade sites.

All the banking data are totally protected:

  • 1. They are directly entered into the secure platform of maroc telecommerce on a coded canal which makes their recovery impossible by a hostile (third party)
  • 2. They are then passed on via a secure banking network directly to your bank
  • 3. They are never accessible to the trader

The banking regulations and the law protect all the customers who make an on-line transaction.

In case of disputes, the appeal is simple, fast and effective.

To know more about the security offered by our partner maroc telecommerce, discover the column dedicated to that purpose


Paypal protects you when you do your shopping.

For purchases through paypal in morocco, you have to have an international credit card delivered by your bank (example: my e@card of la societe generale, e-pay of the bmce, i-c@rd of la banque populaire, pay web of attijari wafabank, the e-shopping of the cih,….) and limited to 10 000 dhs of purchases a year.

Paypal protects you from the payment on delivery: you can make your purchases in peace and quiet.

Your banking information is safe and your purchases are delivered or reimbursed !

Also discover how we stay by your sides in case of problem and take advantage of some tricks to buy in a surer way.

*See all the conditions of the PayPal Purchase Protection


You can pay your order by sending immediately the total amount of your order by express cash

wafacash offers you a service of simple and fast national transfer, associating quality and reliability to pay your order by sending the payment to mafleur, in some minutes, without having to have a bank account.

more than 2000 wafacash et attijariwafa bank agencies are at your disposal pay your mafleur order.


Amanty is a service of on-line payment based on the purchase of a coupon code from espace services tasshilat stands and to use these coupon checks for your payments by internet. the advantage of this service is for people that do not have credit cards by offering them a possibility of ordering on-line through more than 800 spaces tasshilat.

2 possibilities are suggested to you to pay your order without communicating your credit card (or if you do not have one).

  • Whether you create a free account on the site and you go to espace tassihalt to fund this account at the level of your purchases and you communicate this information by choosing the method of payment amanty, then you click to pay on-line and you will be connected on the account amanty to pay according to the balance which you will have deposited.
  • Or you order on our site, you select payment by amanty, then to pay at tasshilat, you will be redirected towards the site amanty to validate the order and have a number of code (important to note indeed the order code on the page amanty) then to pay order with our code number at espace tasshilat.

To find the nearest espace services tasshilat to your home, click here: :


To make your payment by bank transfer, please contact our customer service to give you the bank information. Once we have received the bank transfer, we will proceed to schedule your delivery.

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